Retail Management

Retail Management

A complete Retail Management Solution for you, run your complete E-Store/Retail Store on Automation now.

Latest Advancements for your Industry.

Our retail management solution can be implemented to any trading organization in any industry. The Hashcode Solutions’ Retail Management System   empowers you to manage your trading business on automation, manage your customers like never before with custom Point of Sale process, have your inventory details on tips with the revolutionary double entry inventory management system, get complete knowhow of your business including forecasts using our custom reports.

Best Suited for

Trading Organization

Retail Organization

Garment Vendors

Grocery Vendors

Retail Stores

Trading Giants with Retail Outlets

Medicine Outlets

Marketing Firms

Wholesale Business

Industry Challenges Covered

Vast varied Inventory to be maintained

Inventories in Different Measure of Units

Multiple Locations

Customer specific prices

Loyalty Points

Discounts on Sale

Multiple Client Handling

Lack of Streamlined Process

ERP or CRM Never Implemented

Features & Benefits

Sales Management

Complete Sale-Purchase Management

Customizable CRM Integration

Integratable POS

Invoicing Solution

Sales-Purchase Analysis

PDF Reports

Automated Emails to Clients and Suppliers

POS and E-Commerce

  • Complete POS Integration for your Stores.

Complete Ecommerce IntegartionSolutions.

Google Analytics.

Gift Coupons and Vouchers.

Hardware Support.

Detail Dashboard Reporting.

Integration with Warehouse Management

Accounting Management

Invoicing and Billing Management System

Complete Financial Analytics

Business Reports

Payment Integration

Purchase Management System 

Expense Management

Asset Management


Purchase Management System

Multi-Warehouse Management System

Track Internal Moves

Double Entry Stock Management

QR Code/Barcoding Integration

Hardware Integration

POS Touch Screens

Magnetic Card Scanner

Receipt Printer Integration

Barcode Printer/Scanner Integration

QR Code Printer/Scanner Integration

Viral Marketing

Website Integration

Blog Integration

Email-SMS Integration

Google Analytics


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